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Action-Suggestion Management System

Quality, 5S, SHE, Efficiency, TPM, Suggestion System

Corporate memory means, keeping all data and information that an institution has had since its establishment and to be able to use it when needed. Just like human memory, corporate memory is expected to save information and make it available again when the time comes. Conditions such as forgetting information or remembering incorrectly can cause serious losses for organizations. Another feature of corporate memory is that it is a “collective” memory composed of data from various sources. It is a matter of expertise to gather them under one roof, to provide the information at the desired time and in the desired way, without error.

Action-Suggestion Management System




1. Responsible Department
2.Action Title
3. Related tags
4. Problem or improvement opportunity definition
5. Action or suggestion definition
6. Picture upload, optinal.



Action is assigned to the action owner by the Department Responsible.



1. Action Performed Definition.
2. New situation picture upload, optinal.



Action is controlled by the department responsible (effectively closed. Or not)